Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practices


Book of Proceedings

Proceedings of the ICDHS 12th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies will be out of print in mid June.

Join us on Zoom event on Thursday, June 24 at 17.00 PM Zagreb time for a presentation of the Book of proceedings of ICDHS 12 conference Lessons to Learn? Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practices, edited by Fedja Vukić and Iva Kostešić.

Topic: ICDHS 12 Zagreb Conference Book of Proceedings Presentation and Bogota 2022 Conference announcement
Time: Jun 24, 2021 05:00 PM Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb
Meeting ID: 832 1821 4514
Passcode: 234591
The book will be presented by:
- Jonathan M. Woodham, ICDHS Board member and Professor Emeritus (in design history) at the University of Brighton
- Helena Barbosa, professor at Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, University of Aveiro and ICDHS Board member
- Priscilla Lena Farias, professor at the Design Department, School of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Sao Paolo and ICDHS Board member.
In addition, the next ICDHS conference in Bogota will be presented by Camilo Paez Vanegas, School of Art and Design, Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

The event will be moderated by Fedja Vukić, ICDHS Board member.

The ICDHS 12 Book of Proceedings is available for online ordering.

icdhs12 book of proceedings

icdhs12 book of proceedings

„Lessons to Learn? Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practices“ is the book of proceedings of the ICDHS 12th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies held online and organized by Institute for  the Research of the Avant-Garde in Zagreb from October 16 to 18, 2020. The book, edited by Fedja Vukić and Iva Kostešić, brings a collection of over 60 scientific papers covering the wide field of design history and design studies from a variety of perspectives. The papers are organized in a total of seven chapters, following in a slightly changed manner, the strands and topics of the conference. As noted by Vukić in the introduction, the book is an “attempt to lay a path for the research of today and tomorrow, where design history merges with design studies.”

The first and fifth chapter, Challenging Orthodoxies: Design History and Design Studies I & II, bring papers that challenge design historical and design studies orthodoxies and limitations. Chapter two, The Social Impact of Design, includes papers that focus on the social impact of design and design projects aimed at utopian social visions and/or social inclusion. The third chapter, Cultural Roles of Design Practice, explores the interconnection between design and culture, between objects and context, while chapter four, Politics and Design: Past, Present, Future, focuses on the history of ideas, concepts and projects in the context of design and its political and ideological legacy within different social and economic systems. Chapter six, Design and Technology, gives contemporary research on artificial intelligence, design and digital networks, and technology, design and the body. The final, seventh chapter, Epilogue: A More Adjusted Design for the Future, explores craft, the creative industries and sustainability in relation to design.

Edited by:
Fedja Vukić & Iva Kostešić

Helena Barbosa, Jonathan Woodham & Priscila Lena Farias

Published by:
The ICDHS 12 Book of Proceedings is available for online ordering.
e-mail: info@upi2mbooks.hr

Zagreb, 2021

ISBN 978-953-7703-67-7
CIP record is available in the computerised catalogue of the National and University Library in Zagreb, no. 001090241.




Future Learning on Design, Within and With Design
Fedja Vukić


History and Design History: Myths, Memories and Reality
Jonathan Woodham

Exhibition Design and the Relationship With the Spectator: Historical Notes with El Lissitzky and Herbert Bayer
Renata Perim Lopes

Investigating Migrating Print Culture: Graphic Memory Research Methods Applied to a Study on Typographia Hennies Irmaos
Jade Samara Piaia and Priscila Lena Farias

Conjecturing Futures for Brazilian Design Law
Casia M. De La Houssaye and Patricia Peralta

Appropriation, Adaptation, Redesign, Copy, Cut and Paste: The Covers of Translated Books Published by José Olympio in the 1940s and 1950s
Carla Fernanda Fontana

Publishing on the Periphery: Trade Design Magazines in Late 20th Century Greece
Niki Sioki

How Socialist Self-Management Contributed to the Understanding of Participation in Design
Barbara Predan

Sadun Ersin: An Influential Figure in the Development of Modern Design in Turkey
Deniz Hasirci, Zeynep Tuna Ultav and Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk

Herbert Simon in the Design Field
Felipe Kaizer and Lucas Do M. N. Cunha


Roam Home to a Dome? The House that Bucky Barely Lived In
Hsiao-Yun Chu

Harmful or Useless? Victor Papanek and the Student Rebellion at Danish Design Schools 1967 - 1976
Andres V. Munch, Vibeke Riisberg and Lene K. Pedersen

Repairing Domestic Objects as an Act of Sustainable Design
Pedro Alvarez Caselli and Antonio Batlle Lathrop

A Case Study Among Colombia’s Post-Conflict ‘Memory Machines’: Reframing Memory Through Models of Social Design and Doris Salcedo’s Anti-Monument
Diana Duque

Design for Inclusion: From Ethical Through Aesthetic Thinking
Aura Cruz and Erika Cortés

Co-Creating Bauhaus Typography in Denmark: The Avant-Gardist Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen and Printer C. Volmer Nordlunde
Trond Klevgaard

Mariska Undi and Anna Lesznai: A Comparative Study of Two Early Twentieth-Century Hungarian Modernist Designers
Rebecca Houze


Torres Balbás’ Garden Design in the Alhambra in Relation to His Restoration Theory
Sara Satoh

1980’s Brazilian Rock Album Covers: A Visual Analysis
Paulo Eduardo Moretto and Priscila Lena Farias

Irish Suburban Housing: Concrete Nationalism and the ‘House of To-Morrow’
Tom Spalding

The Armorial Movement: Cultural Entwinements in the Legacy of Time From a Graphic Design Perspective
Paula Valadares and Helena Barbosa

Cultural Blends: A Metaphorical Method for Designing Cultural Products With Traditional Cultural Properties
Zhenzhen Qin and Sandy Ng

Bohemians, Craftsmen and the New Woman
John H. Martin

The Coexistence of Preservation and Modernisation Design Strategies for the Textiles Heritage of Phlow Karen in the Rachaburi Province (Thailand)
Nanthana Boonla-or and Teerapoj Teeropas

Italian Typographic Heritage: A Contribution to Its Recognition and Interpretation as Part of Design Heritage
Emanuela Lessing, Fiorella Bulegato and Priscila Lena Farias

Richard Hamilton and the LUX 50th Anniversary Project
Noriko Yoshimura

Lina Bo Bardi and Pre-Artisanship in Northeast Brazil: A Quest for the Theoretical Basis of the Concept
Ana Sofía López Guerrero and Marcos da Costa Braga

Branding Japanese Olympics: The Evolution of Design Between Local Tradition and Global Trends
Claudia Tranti

The Bedroom of Mademoiselle De Roo: Private Inputs on an Official Culture of Taste in Domestic Interiors
Carlos Bártolo

The Performance of Design in the First Neoliberal Wave in Argentina
Veronica Devalle

Echoes of Tomas Maldonado’s Bond with Uruguay: The Contact Zone Between Design, Art and Architecture
Monica Farkas, Laura Cesio and Magdalena Sprechmann

Learning From Past Design Experiences in an Educational Context: A Self-Reflective Account
Miray Hamarat and Koray Gelmez


Exhibitions as Political ‘Demonstrations’? Artists International Association’s ‘For Liberty’ Exhibition, London 1943
Harriet Atkinson

Aestheticising Design: Revisiting the Concept of Commodity Aesthetics
Mads Nygaard Folkmann

The Monpe as a Totalitarian Costume: Japanese Farmer Work Pants as a Wartime Uniform for Women in the Japanese Empire
Rie Mori

The Significance of Fiction: The Aesthetic Politics of Speculative Design
Li Zhang

Lessons Learned About Design Policies Based on Shared Experiences Between Differentiated Territories: The Transatlantic Case of Chile - Canary Islands
Bernardo A. Candela Sanjuan, Katherine Mollenhauer and Alfonso Ruiz

Liberation, Nation and Salvation: South African Political Party Logos of the 2019 General Election
Deirdre Pretorius

Designers as Cultural Intermediaries: Towards a Framework to Understand Design’s Engagement in Culture Wars
Emrah Ozturan, Gulname Turan and Dogan Gurpinar

Benjaminian Taktisch in Contemporary Critical Design
Tau Lenskjold

Portuguese Film Posters at the Dawn of Estado Novo: Modernism Under Dictatorship
Igor Ramos and Helena Barbosa

A Brief History of Ergonomics in the USSR: Socialist Ergonomics and Its Development at the VNIITE Institute of Industrial Design
Ana Sofía López Guerrero

The Eameses and Kenmochi: Interaction Between the US and Japan’s Industrial Design in the Post-WW II Era
Izumi Kuroishi

VNIITE and Lithuania: Industrial Design on the Western Soviet Periphery
Triin Jerlei


Objects of Desire: Consumption and Popular Luxury in Early Modern Southeastern Europe
Artemis Yagou

Contradictions in Modern Design Aesthetics in Post-Colonial History ― The Introduction of Television in Taiwan, 1960s to 1990s
Ju-Joan Wong

The Master Approving of His Own Work
Žiga Testen

An Experience of Synthesis and Freedom: Space and Design in Post-World War II Portugal
Sandra Antunes and Maria Helena Souto

Alexandre Wollner, the Ulm School and the Newspaper: The Use of Grids and Its Influence on the Formation of the Graphic Design Field in Brazil
Alice Viggiani

‘The School Question’: Race and Colonial Attitudes Towards Craft Education in British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, 1900 - 1930s
Mitha Budhyarto and Vikas Kailankaje

Women in Italian Graphic Design History: A Contribution to Rewrite History in a More Inclusive Way
Francesco E. Guida

Surface, Deep, Implicit. Basic Design as a Signature Pedagogy in Design Education
Giulia Ciliberto

An Analysis of the Visual Identification of Early São Paulo City Letterpress Printing Shops: Contributions for Brazilian Design History
Fabio Pereira and Priscila Lena Farias

Discourses on Design History Methods: The Case of ‘Cooperativa Árvore’ Posters
Mariana Almeida and Helena Barbosa

Theory vs/❤ Practice in Design Education Curriculum: The Case of the Portuguese History of Design
Helena Barbosa


Lost in Translation? Representing the Concept of Artificial Intelligence to the General Public
Tingyi S. Lin and Jou-Yin Sun

The History of Parametric Design and Its Applications in Footwear Design
Marilena Christodoulou

Human Senses and the Enjoyment of Objects
Silvia Puig

Using AI to Classify Instagram’s Dissident Images
Didiana Prata, Fabio Cozman and Gustavo Polleti

Decentring Design Thinking for Development Engineering
Yunus Doğan Telliel and Rob Krueger

Digital Communication and Global Visual Image Standards of Emojis as a Challenge for an Intercultural Comparison between Japan and Germany
Christof Breidenich, Keisuke Takayasu and Nicole Christ


Can a Nation Survive Through Craft? The Colonial Past, Current Subjectivities and Sustainable Futures
Yuko Kikuchi

The Development of Creative Industries in Russia Between 1990 - 2020
Olga Druzhinina

Utopia or Belief?
Matko Meštrović