Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practices


Examples of Design in Croatia


Prostoria’s film – “Revisiting Analogue”

As Milan Design Week and many other furniture fairs were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Prostoria, in collaboration with the designers Numen/ForUse and Simon Morasi Piperčić, has created a hybrid analogue-digital project that combines architecture, design, film and an event for the local design-architecture community. “Revisiting Analogue” takes place in a forest pavilion near Prostoria’s furniture factory in Croatia.

View Prostoria’s film – “Revisiting Analogue”


In less than a decade, Prostoria has transformed from a furniture manufacturer to a design brand. Its research studio was a playground for the evolution from pure artisanship to highly industrialized production. To ensure the control over the quality of its own products, Prostoria has integrated all segments of manufacturing in a single facility – R&D, sewing, state-of-the-art carpentry, upholstering and manufacturing of metal components. Development and production of furniture under the roof of a single factory located near Zagreb has resulted in a strong know-how and ability to solve very complex designs. Design is the main driver for innovation in Prostoria and it has been continuously progressing with every new product, since it has become the key element of the company’s culture. Thanks to this approach, Prostoria’s products have been often awarded. A collection comprises a number of design icons such as Polygon armchair and Revolve transformable sofa, while Oblique, Strain and Monk armchairs, together with Rhomb chairs and Cloud and Match sofas are also used in many architectural projects world-wide.

In the manufacturing process, Prostoria uses solid wood, fabrics, metal, leather and foam, materials of the finest quality – among which the use of the Slavonian Oak reflects the local identity.  





The mission of the company has been and will always be to produce furniture designed to improve the function of a particular product and thus refine its form. Prostoria’s craftsmen and designers continue to perfect innovative product solutions and their detailed execution. As a reflection of the functional minimalism, Prostoria’s products stand as active creators of the contemporary Croatian design culture.  In 2019, Prostoria was awarded the prize for its contribution to the expansion of design culture in the South East Europe region and named the leading design company by the International Furniture Fair 2019 in Belgrade.

With 890 high-end points of sale, Prostoria currently exports to more than 60 countries across 5 continents.

For more information please visit Prostoria website.

Rimac Automobili

Rimac is a technology powerhouse, manufacturing electric hypercars and providing full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers.

Founded in 2009 with headquarters in Croatia, Rimac started as a garage project and grew into a globally recognized technology leader, built upon the passion and vision of the company's Founder and CEO Mate Rimac. Strongly believing that electric propulsion systems can be used to power the new generation of sports cars and make them better, faster and more exciting, he has started the project with a handful of people as his team. The company’s flagship, the Concept_One, was entirely designed, developed and manufactured in-house. In 2018 Rimac introduced the next generation hypercar, the C_Two, a car alive with technology. Today, the company numbers over 550 people and has grown into a leader within a highly competitive industry with the ambition to become a full electrification partner for many OEMs. The company is highly vertically integrated, with a team that can tackle incredible technical challenges and deliver high-quality solutions in a short time-frame.

Rimac has challenged the status-quo with the vision to revolutionise and reinvent the sports car with its unique technology thus successfully tackling the electrification challenge set upon the automotive industry. Most of all, we are excited to offer customers the opportunity to use our technology and know-how to create new and exciting products.

For more information please visit the Rimac Automobili website.